Delays to Belsize Park roadworks lead to ‘danger’ fears

Delays to works on a pedestrian crossing opposite Belsize Park Underground station have put children and older people at risk, it is claimed.

Camden Council closed the walkway during February half term to put in a traffic island to reduce the number of accidents at the crossing, which is a notorious danger spot in Haverstock Hill.

But residents and those working nearby have reported the crossing is still closed and no work has been done on it for over a week.

Nurul Islam, 37, who runs a news stand outside Belsize Park station said: “Rush hour is very, very dangerous.

“I’m worried for elderly people too, and for kids, there’s a lot of danger.”

Whilst the works persist, pedestrians have to walk a long way round or “dodge cars” to cross the road, said Ron Watts, of Belsize Grove.

A spokesman for Camden Council said they had started to install the traffic island during half term to “minimise disruption”.

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He said: “We were intending to switch the signals back on again as a temporary measure.

“Due to damage to a cable this has not been possible and we are waiting for the permanent work on the existing and new signals to be carried out by Transport for London.

“The crossing will be re-opened as soon as possible.”