'What if we could have community fridges all across Camden?'

Highgate Road

A community fridge is opening at 19 Highgate Road - Credit: Google

Did you know that food accounts for 28% of the rubbish people in Camden throw away? Or that for every five bags of shopping we buy, we throw away a bag of good food?

When food waste goes to landfill it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that has 80 times more warming effect than CO2? We could all save £70 a month by reducing the amount of food we throw away?

Whilst I dream of being an eco-worrier, a quick look in the back of my fridge confirms the worst. Noooo… I’m part of the food waste problem!

So, what to do about it?

By keeping my fridge below five degrees, milk, etc can last up to three days longer. There are some great ideas for using leftovers at LoveFoodHateWaste,com

Via camden.gov.uk/order-bins, the council will provide a caddie so that food waste can be sent to an anaerobic digester which captures methane and produces energy.

Debbie Bourne will be giving away trees on Saturday.

Debbie says that 28% of Camden's waste is food - Credit: Debbie Bourne

But thinkanddocamden.org.uk has another local solution. At No19 Highgate Road a community fridge has been set up by a collective of groups: Refugee Community Kitchen, Kentish Town Vegbox, Cooperation Town, Think & Do, in collaboration with Camden Council. It will collect surplus food from shops and restaurants and offer it to the community.

At the moment, the fridge is not accepting food from homes, due to Covid, but volunteers are needed to run it so get in touch via thinkanddocamden@gmail.com.

For anyone else, you can join in the fun, guilt free. Every couple of days the fridge is re-stocked by volunteers with a delicious selection of surplus food. Camden's vegbox.org.uk fills it with organic veg on a Saturday.

It's open 9am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am-4pmon Saturday.

What if we could have community fridges all across our borough? 

We’ve all heard about the circular economy – reuse, repair, recycling etc. It’s all about sharing, creating closed loop systems. A libraryofthings.co.uk is opening in Kentish Town Library in September. It will have lots of items to borrow and share, from pasta makers to sewing machines.

We should all start sharing more. Must say, my neighbour's hubbie is a rather good-looking man – wonder if she would be up for a bit of sharing!

Debbie volunteers for @tkentishtown and thinkanddocamden.org.uk. She also designs wild gardens: ofbutterfliesandbees.co.uk