'Introducing a new climate change alliance for Camden'

Out of date and unopened food from a domestic household thrown away in a dustbin.

One of the things the Camden Climate Connectors would do is reduce food waste - Credit: PA

We’ve all heard the term green wash…well, what about green wish?  

In Camden we are lucky to have an incredible assortment of active volunteer community groups who are surging ahead with projects to tackle the climate crisis, address social inequality and inspire us all.  

Are any of you wonderful Ham&High’ers reading this involved in a Camden based business? Are you passionate about playing your part to help Camden achieve its net zero emission goals by 2030? Could your business's ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals help support a people-powered eco-system which is resilient to climate and social injustice?  

Debbie Bourne will be giving away trees on Saturday.

Debbie Bourne sends an invitation out to join the Camden Climate Connectors - Credit: Debbie Bourne

Yes! I’d hoped so! 

Introducing the Camden Climate Connectors - a Think and Do Camden partnership with Camden Council’s Climate Change Alliance (camdencca.org).

This project is chocka packed full of ideas of how you wonderful businesses out there can work in partnership with local schools and community groups on meaningful sustainability projects.  

Could your business help?  Enable tree planting and pollinator pathways across the borough and create youth employment? Support our passionate future change-makers by partnering up with a school?  

Have a light bulb moment and help local energy group Power Up North London? Empower energy conservation workshops and let’s address fuel poverty. 

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Could you offer corporate volunteers? Or help Refugee Community Kitchen feed the most vulnerable in our community while also tackling food waste? Help set up sharing spaces and develop a Camden circular economy 

C’mon Camden businesses, together, let’s become eco-warriors, not eco-worriers! Join Camden Climate Connectors, and play your part in enabling meaningful climate action change across our borough.  

It’s time for community stakeholder, not shareholder, capitalism.

It’s time to create one big cross-pollinating eco-system across our borough: a true partnership between business and the community.  

Business, not as usual. 

For more info: thinkanddocamden@gmail.com 

Debbie Bourne is from Think and Do Camden and also designs wild gardens: ofbutterfliesandbees.co.uk