Dating website for dogs and humans set up by Hampstead businessmen

Farokh Khorooshi,"Barnaby' & David Lethbridge launch Noah's

Farokh Khorooshi,"Barnaby' & David Lethbridge launch Noah's - Credit: Nigel Sutton

A dating website for dogs and humans has been set up by two Hampstead men to help potential owners to find their ideal pet.

Founders Farokh Khorooshi, 47, and David Lethbridge, 49, have used their expertise as, respectively, a director specialising in animal photo shoots and a marketing wizard to launch a website for dog-lovers the world over.

The site, Noah’s Dogs, pairs pet owners and canines based on extensive compatibility tests, with the same precision and care used to pair couples by hit dating websites such as

Mr Khorooshi, of Fitzjohn’s Avenue, said: “When you go to a dating website, you’re asked who you want to meet, so we wanted to set that up for dogs and owners.

“Going just on looks never works – there has to be more, so we want the website to help with that. For example, some dogs need to walk every day, some dogs like children, others don’t, and all of this is important in creating a happy life for the dog and owner.”

The compatibility test asks questions on everything from home set-up to climate and weekly exercise routines.

But unlike other sites, Noah’s Dogs goes a step further and scans shelters nationwide for suitable dogs, giving the owner the chance to arrange weekly “dates” before a final decision is made.

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Mr Korooshi had the idea for the site when he saw how sad his business partner’s dog, Barnaby, was when his canine pals on Hampstead Heath disappeared.

“Barnaby would make so many friends when he was out walking, but then they would disappear,” he said. “It was because they were bought when they were little puppies and then their owners would realise the dog wasn’t going to be right, so they would have to return the dogs to the shelter.

“This website prevents dogs ending up back in shelters and it promotes rehoming, rather than just going to a puppy farm and getting a dog for Christmas.”

To take the dog compability test, visit