Cyclist hospitalised for head injuries after road crash in Belsize Park

A cyclist has been taken to hospital after colliding with a car in Belsize Park this afternoon (Monday, July 16).

Paramedics treated the man, thought to be 60-years-old, after the collision at the junction of Adelaide Road and Lower Merton Rise at 4.30pm.

He was put in a neck brace, stretchered to the ambulance, and taken to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead where he was treated for minor head injuries.

Liam Reeve, a finance officer from Sherriff Road in West Hampstead, was cycling past moments after the crash.

He said: “The bike was lying in the middle of the road and a man was lying about five metres away. It looked like he had been thrown off his bike by the impact.

“The bike looked fine actually, but the man wasn’t moving.

“The ambulance crews put him in a neck brace and put a blanket and breathing mask on him.”

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Mr Reeve, who works for Southwark Council, said it was the second crash involving a cyclist he had witnessed in the past year.

“It is pretty shocking to see that on my way home,” he said.

“I cycle to and from work everyday and it’s always worrying to see because you think you might be next.”

A London Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “An ambulance actually came across this road traffic collision, which involved a car and a cyclist.

“A male patient was collared and boarded. It probably looked quite dramatic to people but it was just a precaution.”