'Haters will always hate': Backlash after Crouch End figurine destroyed

broken figurine

Crouch End street artist Kit's yellow figurine was destroyed outside Hornsey Town Hall. - Credit: Kit

Members of the Crouch End community have condemned the "awful" destruction of a yellow figurine designed by a local street artist. 

Kit, who asked for only his first name to be published, has been sticking up his "yellow army" of bright sculptures on lampposts and signs.

The artist said he has been "quietly amazed" by how respectful most people have been, and has enjoyed watching their reactions when they spot the bright figurines.

However, on Monday night (October 4) he placed a large yellow sculpture on a bench outside Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, which is currently being refurbished.

The next day, his partner went to take a picture of his latest creation to find it had been vandalised.

"She was quite traumatised," Kit said.

"I had been getting braver and braver with where I put them, and ended up putting one right on a bench, so this wasn't completely unexpected.

"When I used to put them up in Hornsey Road, they were always getting nicked or destroyed.

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"But there's been a lot of love in Crouch End, so this is just a little hiccup."

street art

Crouch End artists are brightening up the area with unique street art - Credit: James Rogers

The artist said he did not think the incident was "malicious", and was surprised by the outrage from the community.

"Some people get very protective and a bit too attached to them, and are vocal about it," he said.

"I find it fascinating."

When Kit posted pictures of the broken figurine on Facebook, comments said it was "awful" and "very sad", with one user saying "haters will always hate".

Someone else commented: "It’s tragic. Those beautiful works of art really brightened up Crouch End. How could anyone have been so wicked?"

Another added: "That’s a shame. My children love spotting these around the neighbourhood."

Later, Kit further confused Crouch Enders by pretending the attack had been a hoax all along, posting the original image his partner had taken on Facebook before the sculpture's attack.

The artist by night and lorry driver by day, works after dusk, to avoid being seen, and watches people's reactions to his designs.

Explaining why he started placing the yellow figurines around the area, he said: "I enjoy seeing people's responses, especially children. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, and I like learning what material can do."

yellow finurine

Artist Kit said he enjoys seeing people's reactions to his work - Credit: James Rogers