Trump visit helicopters ‘shaking houses’ say Crouch End residents

An Osprey helicopter of the US Marine Corps comes into land at the residence of the US Ambassador in

An Osprey helicopter of the US Marine Corps comes into land at the residence of the US Ambassador in London's Regent's Park, where US President Donald Trump is spending Wednesday night. PA: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Images - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The military aircraft circling London’s skies for President Trump’s visit are shaking people’s houses and setting off car alarms, say Crouch End residents.

The V22 Osprey ‘heli-planes’ first appeared on Monday but are still visible over the capital today, during the second day of the president’s first official UK visit.

Residents of north west London boroughs may be more affected by the noise due to living on higher ground in London.

The president has been staying at the US ambassador’s residence, Winfield House, in Regent’s Park.

Anna Meryt of Haringey Gardens said: “The first time one flew over, it was so loud I thought an aircraft was crashing nearby.

“They produce a thunderous vibration throughout my entire flat, it’s almost like the walls are shaking.

“Myself and all my neighbours are very disturbed by it and it has frightened my animals.”

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Trump faced his own problems with noise disturbance on Thursday evening, when protestors gathered in Regent’s Park with drums and vuvuzelas in an attempt to keep him awake.

Ms Meryt added: “It’s very intimidating, this kind of aircraft. What’s he going to do, bully us into submission so we won’t protest against him?”

One Rosebery Gardens resident said the noise was triggering car alarms and that all the dogs in the area were barking.

However, other residents feel that annoyance is being exaggerated due to anti-Trump sentiment.

Jamie Wallis, 35, of Mountview Road, said: “These planes are pretty loud but not to the point of shaking houses and I think it’s actually quite interesting to see them fly over.

“A lot of people are moaning about it but then they also moan about the police helicopters.

“I have seen people say they are acting really aggressive and I find that idea quite comical. “If this was Obama, there wouldn’t be this much hooha about it.”