‘Plague doctor’ spotted again in Crouch End ‘standing by the melons’ outside Park Road newsagent

Crouch End's 'plague doctor' pictured on May 7. Picture: Chloe McLaren

Crouch End's 'plague doctor' pictured on May 7. Picture: Chloe McLaren - Credit: Archant

The mystery ‘plague doctor’ has returned to Crouch End, spotted once again strolling the streets.

The eerie 17th century figure donned in a long black cloak, beaked mask, hat and using a walking stick, was seen just before midday on May 7 outside Park Local Express in Park Road.

Nearby resident Chloe McLaren said the prankster was casually “walking along, tipping his hat to people”.

She said: “My girlfriend bumped into him. He was just stood by the melons at the newsagent’s. It was a little bit of a shock.”

In recent weeks the plague doctor - based on the character of a physician who treats victims of the plague - has been sighted in various Crouch End streets and shops including the Broadway Co-op.

There have been other people dressed up in similar costumes during the pandemic, including one plague doctor in Norfolk who was unmasked by police as a teenage boy.

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