Crouch End gathers to respond to moped attackers

Local politicians are holding a public meeting to address a spate of moped robberies.

Police are investigating a string of recent incidents where moped riders have mounted the pavement around Crouch End Broadway and snatched phones out of the hands of passersby.

Councillors Jason Arthur and Natan Doron will be joined by shopkeepers, the police and London Assembly Member Joanne McCartney, to discuss how best to deal with these crimes.

Officers are advising people not to check their phone as soon as they get off the bus, but to leave it for a while until they get home, or use it in a nearby shop.

Alternatively, they are recommending that people stand with their back to the wall when using their phones.

They advise people not to text while they are walking, as that makes them less aware of their surroundings.

- The meeting will take place at Hornsey Town Hall on January 20 at 8pm.

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- If you have been affected by these attacks, please e-mail or call 02074330119.