Crouch End community art installation challenges fast fashion

An art installation created from 40 metres of waste textiles and hand-sown by the Crouch End community is currently on display at Hornsey Town Hall arts centre.

Conceived by artist Daniella Bowyer, the “Stitched Up” installation extends through the building and is designed to sweep and twist like a river around the viewer.

It is made entirely from fabrics that would have been thrown away and the artist describes it as a commentary on the environmental damage wreaked by the fast fashion industry and society’s over-consumption.

Hundreds of people participated in creating the installation in a series of workshops from September to December, including pupils from Alexandra Primary School.

“I wanted this piece to make visible the environmental harm of the fashion industry while revealing to the viewer the usually unseen makers of these clothes,” said Ms Bowyer.

“As the installation threads its way through the building, viewers are able to reflect on both the beauty of the textiles flowing all around them, and the ugliness of the how over-consumption is damaging people and our planet.” The installation was supported by textiles from recycling charity TRAID.

- Stitched Up is on display at Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre until Thursday December 17, 10 – 4pm.