How did a double-decker bus crash straight into a Crouch End house?

bus crash

A bus crashed into a row of houses on Chimes Terrace - Credit: Archant

A house has been dented and rubble remains littered on the pavement following a Crouch End bus crash, which saw seven people assessed by medics and four residents forced to move to alternative accommodation.

Police said they were called at 8.05pm on Saturday (September 18) to Chimes Terrace, after a bus was reported to have struck a car before crashing into a house.

rubble after crash

Rubble remains outside the Chimes Terrace homes - Credit: Kieran Wilson

London Ambulance Service (LAS) was called at 8:04pm and sent an ambulance crew to the crash.

They assessed seven people at the scene, but they were discharged and not taken to hospital.

Crouch End writer and campaigner David Winskill described the crash as "very weird".

He said: "It must have been very powerful, as it pushed the front of the house inwards a good few inches.

"No one can work out what route the bus was taking. It ended up at a 90 degree angle to the houses."

Crouch End crash

Police said no-one was hurt in the collision - Credit: Archant

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David said red paint from the bus was left on the house from the collision.

The Met said the bus was not carrying any passengers and there are no reports of any injuries.

The driver is assisting police with their enquiries.

Transport for London’s head of buses business development, Tom Cunnington, said: “We are very sorry that four residents in Crouch End have had to move into alternative accommodation as a result of this incident.

"Thankfully there were no reported injuries. We are helping in any way we can with the investigation that has been launched by Metroline, the bus operator, and the police.”

crouch end bus crash

The Crouch End crash happened on Saturday (September 18) - Credit: Kieran Wilson