Woman ordered to pay �1,300 after dog was out of control on Heath

A WOMAN has been ordered to pay �1,300 and carry out 160 hours of community work after a Rottweiler-cross she was in charge of, bit another dog and its owner on Hampstead Heath.

Valiria Fettuccia, 35, was sentenced at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court last Friday.

The court heard how she had been exercising her husband’s pet Rottweiler-cross, Lucio, on Hampstead Heath, when it attacked a Border Terrier and its owner Cheryl Cagrola, on August 15 last year.

Ms Cagrola suffered puncture wounds and cuts and bruises to her left hand during the attack.

Miss Nike Balogun, prosecuting, told the court: “On August 15 last year, the complainant was walking her dog and became aware of another dog running towards her.

“The defendant was said to have approached with sudden hysteria stating that her dog – a mixed breed Rottweiler – did not like male dogs.”

She told the court that Lucio then attacked Ms Cagrola’s dog with “savagery”.

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District Judge Ian Baker told Ms Fettuccia: “As a result of your inability to control your husband’s dog properly, it ran into another dog causing it serious injury.

“The lady also appears to have suffered considerable injury.”

He concluded that it was not necessary to order Lucio to be destroyed because a dog behaviour consultant had concluded that he would not pose a risk to the public as long as he was muzzled and castrated.

He also said that Ms Fettuccia, of Dorchester Avenue in Palmers Green, should ensure that her garden and home are secure so that he cannot escape; that whoever takes Lucio for a walk cannot be in charge of another dog or child, and that Lucio must not be kept in the same house as an unneutered dog.

He also ordered Ms Fettuccia to pay �100 court costs and �1,200 for Lucio’s kennel fees.