‘Wolf of Wall Street’ tycoon ‘made sex assault victim feel like a piece of meat’

Anthony Constantinou denies six sex assaults

Anthony Constantinou denies six sex assaults - Credit: Archant

A Hampstead Garden Suburb finance boss rammed spicy wasabi into a woman’s mouth and forcibly kissed her before shouting: “You can’t say no to a Greek man,” the Old Bailey has heard.

Anthony Constantinou, 34 – whose father Aristos Constantinou was gunned down in Bishop’s Avenue in 1985, in a shooting branded the Silver Bullets murder – is alleged to have pinned the woman against a wall and sexually assaulted her.

One of the victims described the atmosphere as “very Wolf of Wall Street”, jurors heard.

The woman claims she was left feeling “like a piece of meat”.

Constantinou, head of financial group Capital World Markets (CWM), denies six sexual assaults on three woman.

He allegedly dragged a second woman into a stockroom and molested her during a drunken celebration in his office.

He is accused of dragging a third woman into a utility room and forcibly kissing her and squeezing her bottom.

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Prosecutor Eloise Marshall said one woman was assaulted after a business meeting descended into a row in February last year.

Ms Marshall said: “He had ordered a whole load of sushi and shoved the wasabi into (the woman’s) mouth.

“She ran out of the room spitting the wasabi into her hand.

“Constantinou followed her outside, pinning her up against the frosted glass and kissing her.

“He shoved his tongue down her throat as if she was a piece of meat.

“Others pulled the defendant off before taking her away.”

She said Constantinou also shouted “you can’t f*** with me” and claimed he paid £100,000 to one woman so she “does everything I want”.

Ms Marshall said the allegation came to light during a police raid of the CWM offices, when they found a letter from the woman’s bosses saying they would not work with Constantinou, of Wildwood Road, again.

The trial continues.