West Hampstead sexual predator jailed for string of assaults on aspiring models lured to attacker’s home by free photoshoots

Osman Saeed, 42, was jailed for false imprisonment, common assault and three counts of sexual assaul

Osman Saeed, 42, was jailed for false imprisonment, common assault and three counts of sexual assault. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

A West Hampstead sexual predator who lured aspiring models to his home before sexually attacking them has been jailed.

Osman Saeed, 42, of Woodchurch Road, offered free photoshoots for his victims before he plied them with alcohol.

His three victims, attacked between 2012 and 2018, would then pass out before waking to Saeed performing sexual acts on them.

During his earlier trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Saeed was found guilty of false imprisonment, common assault and three counts of sexual assault by touching against women.

Judge Martin Zeidman QC said: 'The bottom line is this: young, enthusiastic models or actors came to you to be photographed - and you abused them.

'Then you tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the jury but they were having none of it.'

The judge added: 'The victims will never forget what did to them and how you made them feel.'

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The court heard impact statements from Saeed's victims.

One woman, a foreign national, who was 'homesick' and 'susceptible', left the UK after her attack out of fear.

Another described how her personality had changed, and that she had become more anxious and worried.

One victim said her creativity had been 'crushed'.

Mr Zeidman added: 'In respect to all female victims you took advantage of the fact they were aspiring to develop their careers as actors or models.

'They removed articles of clothing on the basis the defendant was acting as a genuine photographer and they wouldn't have put themselves in that position if they had known he was doing it for sexual gratification.'

The judge said Saeed displayed no sympathy during the course of his trial and, during one of his attacks, told a victim 'if you die it is your destiny'.

The sex abuser also put in a 'significant degree of planning' behind his assaults, making his victims sign illegal contracts that purported to give him control over their bodies.

The Met's Detective Constable Scott Sellars said: 'Saeed is a danger to young women and I am pleased that he is now off the streets.'

In addition to his custodial sentence, Saeed was given a restraining order of 20 years and a sexual harm prevention order of seven years.