West Hampstead Harry Potter star faces riot petrol bomb charge

A Harry Potter actor from West Hampstead was sent for trial on suspicion of arming himself with a petrol bomb during the London riots today (Thursday, November 10).

Jamie Waylett - who played wizarding bully-boy Vincent Crabbe in the multi-billion pound film franchise - was committed to Wood Green Crown Court.

He faces charges of threatening violent disorder, handling stolen goods, and having a petrol bomb during the Camden riots in August.

Waylett, dressed in a hoodie and trainers, spoke only to give his name and address during the hearing at Highbury Magistrates’ Court.

The Potter star, whose character was written out of the final two films, will appear before a judge on November 24 to enter his plea.

The 22-year-old from Hillfield Road, West Hampstead, was released on bail on condition that he lives and sleep at his home address.

Police this week announced 3,000 people have so far been arrested in connection with the riots that hit London this summer.

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Operation Withern, the special police task force set up to deal with the riots, has brought 1,809 cases to court.

Of those, 618 people have been sentenced and 255 jailed.