Virgins trafficked for sex in prostitution ring

GIRLS as young as 14 were taken to a Finchley Road flat with the intention of selling their virginity as part of an international trafficking ring.

Six girls, whose bodies were offered to wealthy businessmen for up to �150,000, were brought to the apartment the night before the gang behind the crimes was busted.

The ringleader – a West Hampstead mother-of-four – told undercover police officers that the girls could be ‘broken’.

Mahrookh Jamali, 41, of West End Lane, was jailed on Tuesday at Harrow Crown Court for two years and nine months along with three others. Rasoul Gholampour, 30, from Wigan, was jailed for two years and nine months while Fatima Haghnegat, 24, was jailed for two years and six months. Sara Bordbar, 43, of Finchley Road, was sentenced to two years and three months.

In September 2009 the gang brought six girls to Bordbar’s Finchley Road flat from Wigan. The girls were told before they arrived that they would be expected to just dance in front of the men they were meeting.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland told the Ham&High: “It was at this Finchley Road address that the girls were finally told that they were expected to have sex with the men they were meeting at the hotel the following day.

“They were then given special clothes and make up by the organisers and they were helped to get dressed up for the meeting.

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“They were even briefed here on what to say to the businessmen and how to behave around them.”

The next day the girls – aged between 14 and 22 – were brought to undercover police officers at the Lancaster London Hotel for the pre-arranged meeting. Shortly after they arrived, Jamali and Haghnegat were arrested.

Jamali also asked for the undercover officer’s email address so that photographs of the girls could be sent to him. A total of 27 emails, some containing provocative pictures of girls – including a 14-year-old – were sent.

The court heard that Iranians Jamali and Haghnegat were seeking asylum in Britain. Gholampour remained in Britain illegally while Bordbar is British.

Detective Inspector Hyland continued: “It is appalling that people will exploit young women and children in this way to fufill the sexual desires of others for payment.

“Had it not been for our intervention there would be a lot more people put at risk.”

West Hampstead councillor John Bryant said it was shocking such crimes took place in the area.

“All child trafficking is terrible and it is an outrageous crime to have in the area,” he said. “We are aware that prostitution goes on but I am really shocked that it is underage girls who are being trafficked. It is awful.”

West Hampstead trader James Gregory added: “I am very surprised this is going on in West Hampstead. It is absolutely disgusting, any right minded person can see it is disgraceful.”