Thieves steal thousands of pounds of designer glasses from West Hampstead opticians

Eighteen pairs of glasses still attached to a display stand were snatched

Thieves smashed their way into an opticians in West Hampstead this morning stealing a 6ft stand displaying thousands of pounds of designer glasses.

Up to 18 pairs of Tag-Heuer sunglasses, worth between �130 and 260, were taken from Insight Opticians, in West End Lane, at about just before 8am this morning.

Kiran Vyas, who has owned the shop for 25 years, said: “Someone smashed the bottom panel of the door out taking the unit containing Tag-Heuer glasses.

“The display unit was locked so they took the whole thing.

“Thankfully we are insured but now we have to install security grills which will cost �2000-3000.

“There was no need before because we haven’t had any problems over the years. “We’ve had such a stock loss.”

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Anyone with information should call Camden Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.