Thieves snatch �10,000 from cash handler in Swiss Cottage

Thieves jumped a cash handler outside Swiss Cottage Tube station making off with �10,000 on Monday (December 12).

A 58-year-old, who was collecting money from the Underground station, was set upon at 11am as he opened the back of his van.

A robber punched him in the stomach and grabbed the cashbox before escaping to a car in a nearby market square.

The cash collector, who worked for cash management firm Loomis and was robbed in the same spot three years ago, activated an alarm from his van which triggered a screeching sound from the cashbox.

He said: “I was attacked by a white guy. He pushed me into the back of the van and the first thing that came into my mind was that he might have a weapon.

“We had a bit of a fight and then he made off towards his car. The thief fell over as he tried to get away and one witness said he might have been injured.”

Police said around �10,000 is thought to have been taken, but this had not been confirmed.

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Forensic evidence was taken from the scene.

Police are appealing for information and anyone who can help should call 020 8358 1751 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.