Sword over half a metre long found above Regent’s Park stairwell

The sword that was found by police officers in Regent's Park

The sword that was found by police officers in Regent's Park - Credit: Metropolitan Police

The sword was found hidden in a ceiling during a weapons sweep on Friday January 5.

A ceremonial sword more than 60 centimetres long has been found during a routine weapons sweep by police in Regent’s Park.

The sword was found on Friday January 5. It had been hidden in the ceiling of a communal stairwell in an Albany Street housing block, to the side of the park.

Along with its gold case, the blade appears to have writing down its side, along with a gold, hooked handle.

The weapon was found as part of ongoing weapon sweeps within Regent’s Park. Once they are recovered, the Met’s systems are checked to see if there’s any crime reports relating to the object. If they aren’t, then it is destroyed.

Met Police Sergeant Barry MacInnes who covers Regents Park, Camden Town and Primrose Hill, said: “Once again, this find shows the importance of weapons sweeps and the continued drive and effort from Camden Police to remove them and prevent harm. Local police work tirelessly to keep the community safe.”