Swiss Cottage greengrocer falls foul of thieves

A greengrocer who puts in 18 hour shifts to make sure his stall runs smoothly has had his takings swiped by thieves in broad daylight.

Alan Reynolds was working at the fruiterers stall in Swiss Cottage Market in Eton Avenue last Sunday (April 22) when he stepped away to ask a neighbouring stall if he could change a �10 note.

But when his back was turned three men ran behind the stall, grabbed �30 from the takings, before leapfrogging the pedestrian railings and running into Finchley Road.

Spotting the trio, Mr Reynolds, who cannot run because of a hip problem, walked after the thieves, who he described as being in their 20s and wearing hoodies.

But he was able to catch up with them.

The 38 years-old, who gets up at 3am to go to the market and does not get home from the stall until 9pm, said: “It is a kick in the teeth when you have been working all day in the wind and rain, and they have got the nerve to come over here and steal money when a man has been working all day for barely anything.”

Mr Reynolds said it was the first time in 10 years of working as a greengrocer that he has fallen foul of thieves.

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But he insisted they were bad apples who have not damaged his bond of trust with his regular customers.