Swiss cottage burglar leaves “sorry” note after stealing 93-year-olds jewellery

A burglar who stole antique jewellery from a pensioner’s Swiss Cottage home amazed his 93-year-old victim by leaving a written apology.

Irene Webber said she was shocked to wake up last Sunday morning to find that a box of her most precious trinkets – some dating back to the 1940s – had been swiped.

But she said she was even more dumbfounded to discover a written message left by the seemingly contrite criminal, apologising for the theft.

Mrs Webber said she was asleep at the time of the burglary and had only strirred when the intruder crept out of her bedroom, but had thought she was dreaming.

She said: “I got up in the morning and I went downstairs. I could see all the things had been taken out of my drawers.

“He’d taken my jewellery box that was on my dressing room table. There were gold bracelets, gold charms and strings of pearls in it.

“Luckily I had my engagement ring on my finger. He also took a �20 note that was on the sideboard which I was going to use for my shopping the next day.

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“But the funniest thing was he wrote a note and left it on the kitchen table saying ‘I’m so sorry.’ The police said they’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Ms Webber said she was unsure why the thief had left the message, but speculated that he could have felt some compassion after seeing she was elderly.

But regardless of his apology, she said was still left shaken and upset by the burglary.

She revealed that among the items taken was a watch decorated with diamond stones which her husband brought her from France during the Second World War. There was also a real pearl necklace which was given as a present when she retired from the department store John Lewis after 16 years of working there.

She added: “I keep thinking God was looking after me because I wasn’t hurt. It’s not the monetary value of the things he’s taken that bothers me, it’s the sentimental value.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police in Camden can confirm that we are investigating a burglary which took place on June 5. We are currently following all lines of enquiry, including a note left at the venue. We urge people to be vigilant regarding home security.”