Stop and search: Black people stopped more with no wrongdoing found

Met police stood in yellow visas

In October 2021, 83% of Black people that were stopped and searched in Camden were not found to be doing anything illegal. - Credit: MPS

Metropolitan Police figures reveal the extent to which Black people were subjected to "stop and search" in Camden last year.

From April 2021 to March 2022, 2,433 stop and searches were of Black people, giving a rate of 108.8 searches per 1,000 Black people in the borough. 

That is five times the amount for white people (20.8 stops per 1,000 people).

Furthermore, in October 2021, on 83% of occasions where Black people were stopped and searched in Camden, they were not found to be doing anything illegal and were allowed to go on their way. The figure for white people was 78%.

A Met Police spokesperson said it was aware of the disparity in relation to race. But it said "different crimes tend to affect different groups more than others".

"The ‘positive outcome rate’, which is the proportion of stop and searches that identify criminality, currently stands at 27% across main ethnic groups," the spokesperson continued.

"If it were the case that officers were targeting people because of their ethnic appearance, this would significantly lower the positive outcome rates for the ‘targeted’ group.

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"Stop and search is a crucial tactic in helping reduce violent crime."