Stepdaughter of Rolling Stones manager in ‘love sex triangle’ blackmail plot

A teenage girl and her St John’s Wood lover blackmailed her boyfriend after the three of them became caught up in a “love and sex triangle”

Liviar Aziz, 23, of Swain Street, hatched a fake kidnap plot with his on-off girlfriend, 19-year-old Harriet Murphy.

The couple persuaded her other boyfriend, John Hulton, to send round �300 as a ransom to get her back, before they blew the cash in a casino.

Despite finding out the truth behind the “devious scheme” Mr Hulton is now in a “steady relationship” with the girl, who lives in a private road in Kensington.

Murphy grew up in the house with her stepfather Tony Calder, who used to manage the Rolling Stones, and former model mother Karen Richardson, who is now an addiction counsellor.

Murphy and Aziz, who are no longer on speaking terms, were found guilty of blackmail and narrowly avoided a suspended jail sentence at the Old Bailey last week.

The court heard the three of them were “locked in a love and sex triangle” when the incident occurred on January 19 last year.

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Murphy spent the afternoon taking cocaine and drinking alcohol with Mr Hulton before she left and said she was going to spend the evening with her father at the cinema.

“Instead you went to spend the night with Aziz,” said Judge Peter Thornton.

“While the two of you were together you both deliberately tricked Mr Hulton into sending you �300.

“You used a mobile phone to text him to say Murphy had been kidnapped and that unless the sum of �300 was paid she would come to some harm.”

He continued: “Your victim was not entirely taken in by the threats but he was not prepared to take the risk, so he paid up.

“One way or another your little plan worked and he sent round the cash, which the two of you took to a casino and gambled away. The texts and the deceit and the spending of the money speak for themselves. Together you took advantage of a vulnerable victim.”

Lawyers for both the prosecution and defence conceded there was no chance of the love triangle re-emerging as there is now no relationship of any sort between Murphy and Aziz.

Defending Murphy, Rachel Bright said: “She is a vulnerable young woman who needs help and she has begun to receive that help from various agencies.

“There is no relationship of any sort with Mr Aziz. There has been no contact since the trial.”

Sentencing the pair for what he called “an unpleasant little blackmail”, Judge Thornton told them that although the offence usually carries a custodial sentence, he would not impose a prison term.

“Nasty and unattractive though this offence was, it falls at the bottom of the scale,” he said.

“Both of you are apologetic about what you did and both of you are genuinely remorseful.”

Both were sentenced to supervision for 18 months, unpaid work for 180 hours and ordered to pay �135 to Mr Hulton.

Murphy will now be assessed for participation in a drug rehab programme.