Son-in-law in court for ‘swiping cash’ from Remembrance Day tin

Magistrates court

Magistrates court - Credit: Archant

A Camden drug addict allegedly raided his father-in-law’s Remembrance Day collection tin after smashing it open to get to the cash, a court heard.

David Carl Bebbington, 37, is accused of swiping the collection tin from the wardrobe in his father-in-law’s bedroom and breaking it open to steal the charity funds.

He tried to put the box back in the wardrobe, it is alleged, but was rumbled when the tin was obviously broken and significantly lighter.

Bebbington, of Mornington Place, Camden Town, was confronted by his shocked father-in-law, on March 5, but claimed he had accidentally dropped the tin while out collecting for charity, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court heard.

“It is argued by the Crown that his father-in-law was collecting money for the British Legion and left his collection tin in his wardrobe’, said Priya Valentine, prosecuting

‘When he put it there it was heavy and half full of cash collected on behalf of the charity.

‘He left the house and when he returned went to check on the collection tin, finding it damaged and a lot lighter than it had been.

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‘When he challenged Mr Bebbington, the defendant claimed to have taken it to Euston Underground station to collect for the charity himself but he dropped it and money had fallen out.’

Bebbington, wearing a grey jumper and jeans, pleaded not guilty to theft and criminal damage when he appeared in the dock.

He shook his head vigorously when the prosecution outlined the case against him, and will stand trial in January next year.

Bebbington denies theft by finding and criminal damage. He will stand trial at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on January 20.