Six-times knifed OAP: “I’m lucky to be alive”

Victim tells of lucky escape as he appeals for help to catch attacker

A STABBING victim left for dead on a quiet Maida Vale street says he is “lucky to be alive” as he appeals for help catching his attacker.

The 66-year-old pensioner, who doesn’t want to be named, suffered life-threatening injuries when he was viciously stabbed six times in the chest, stomach and hand in Saltram Crescent on October 25.

He was only able to return to his Croxley Road home last week after undergoing extensive emergency surgery and spending weeks in hospital, including four days in intensive care.

“I didn’t think I would make it,” he said. “The pain was terrible. I’m lucky to be here – to be able to talk.”

The attack was less than 100 metres from the victim’s front door and was unprovoked. No-one has been charged.

“I left Kilburn at about 9.50pm and got the bus home,” he said.

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“When we got off the bus, my friend went his way and I went mine. As I crossed over to walk into my own road, a bloke came over and shouted, ‘Give me your money.’

“I turned around and said I didn’t have any money and put my hands up in the air.

“I didn’t see the knife until after he had stabbed me. It was over very quickly.

“I started shouting. He ran away and I got across the road and knocked on a house window for help but they didn’t answer.

“I saw a man coming down the road with two dogs and I said, ‘I’ve been stabbed, have you got a mobile to call an ambulance?’

“He called them and the police and ambulance came in about five minutes. That’s the man who saved me. I was a goner were it not for him.”

The victim was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington where he underwent six hours of emergency surgery.

He had multiple internal organ injuries, including a ruptured spleen, which had to be removed, and lacerations to his intestine.

He doesn’t understand why he was attacked and why the attacker didn’t even check to see if he had any money.

“There was no reason why he should have bothered me. No reason at all,” he said.

“I just don’t understand it. I just hope they catch him before he kills somebody.”

He says he is improving since returning home and is determined not to let the incident hinder his life.

“I’m hobbling along now. I’m not too bad,” he said.

“There were days when I was hardly able to walk down to get the paper. But every day I’m getting better.

“I’m not going to let it stop me from going out. If I do, I may as well forget about living at all.”

Although he didn’t see much of his attacker, he describes him as white, with longish black hair and a grey beanie hat.

Two men who were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder have both been bailed pending further enquiries.

Detective Inspector Colin Crichton said: “Although we have spoken to a number of witnesses, there is one person we are extremely keen to trace.

“A man who was out walking his dogs went to the assistance of the victim, but there was another person in the area who helped to tether the dogs while their owner was doing this.

“If this is you, or someone you know, please contact us as you may have vital information which could assist our investigation.

“Please call Westminster Serious Violence Team on 020-7321 9314 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”