‘Sickening’ anti-Jewish demonstration held in Golders Green

Far-right demonstrators in Golders Green

Far-right demonstrators in Golders Green - Credit: Archant

A “sickening” demonstration by far-right protestors in Golders Green has been criticised.

A group of around 12 demonstrators – some of who covered their faces with scarves – held a protest opposite Golders Green Tube station on Saturday afternoon.

Holding signs stating “This is London not Tel Aviv”, the unannounced protest was held on the steps to of the Golders Green war memorial.

Demonstrators also accused the Shomrim - a Jewish-led security service which carries out patrols in Barnet - of impersonating police.

In a video later posted online, the group described Golders Green as “The Jewish Republic of North London”.

And speaker Jeremy Turner – described in his introduction as being “at the forefront of the struggle against the invaders” – said multi-racial societies would “descend into chaos and anarchy”.

He was booed and jeered, and called a racist, to which he responded: “Call me a racist if you want, I just don’t care.”

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Turner branded the Shomrim a “vigilante” force.

The far-right speaker said: “We are going to take back the country for the British people, the native British people.”

And he added: “The future is bright, the future is white.”

His speech ended with Turner provocatively announcing he was going to eat a pork pie “in the Zionist republic of north London”.

A statement from the Community Safety Trust (CST), a charity which protects British Jews from anti-Semitism, said: “The demonstration was extremely small, but it occurred near the heart of one of Europe’s largest and most vibrant Jewish communities, so will come as a shock to many Jews, and indeed to all those who oppose anti-Semitism and racism.

“In particular, it is sickening to think of these thugs demonstrating at a war memorial for those who died fighting against Hitler and Nazism.”

It follows a series of planned protests which has seen Golders Green targeted by far-right protestors.

An anti-Jewish protest had been set to be held in Golders Green on July 4 last year, but it was moved to Whitehall.

In December far-right campaigner Joshua Bonehill-Payne, 23, was jailed for three years and four months for posting anti-Semitic material ahead of the “anti-Jewification” rally he planned in Golders Green in July last year.

A police spokeswoman told the Ham&High that no arrests were made at the weekend’s protest.