Shopkeeper in Chalk Farm refused to sell lighter fuel to youths

Members of the recently named “Steeles Village” in Haverstock Hill say the community worked together to help traders protect their businesses from looters on Monday night.

Restaurants removed tables from the street to prevent them from being used as missiles or to ram windows. Staff also moved cars and bicycles from the street.

A shop assistant at Diamond Food and Wine store was being hailed as a hero by local residents after he refused to sell lighter fuel to youths. A young man bought cloths and then requested lighter fuel claiming it was “for his mother”.

The trader shut the store after they left.

Drinkers in the Sir Richard Steele pub also stepped forward and offered back-up to businesses, should they need it.

Lynn Whiting, chairwoman of the Steeles Village Association, said: “Everyone was very frightened here on Monday night. It was horrendous, but at least we’re all working together.”