Mass brawl in Muswell Hill pub sees ‘glasses thrown, men grappling on the floor and people arming themselves with chairs’

The Mossy Well pub, in Muswell . Picture: Google Maps

The Mossy Well pub, in Muswell . Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A man has described the bizarre scene as 15 men engaged in a mass brawl in the Mossy Well pub in Muswell Hill on Thursday.

The scene was witnessed by one drinker, who said it was “unlike anything he had ever seen.”

The men are believed to have been drinking after a day out at the PDC World Darts Championship at nearby Alexandra Palace.

A member of staff at the J D Wetherspoon pub, who did not want to be named, said the men had been arguing over the darts, and their dispute had turned into a fight.

Dad-of-two Andy Ruff was having a festive drink with three dads in the pub when the chaos began.

“It was really strange. We heard some shouting at the other end of the bar at around 9pm, and before we knew it there was punches being thrown, and men grappling on the floor.

“Then just when it appeared security were started to get it under control, more people came in from outside and it intensified again,” he said. “The security guards just didn’t seem to know what to do.

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“I saw a big bloke get punched and get knocked out. He hit the floor pretty hard.”

When pints of beer started to fly around the pub in the Broadway, he and his three friends grabbed their coats and left.

“As we left and walked through the smoking area, people were arming themselves with chairs - but whether that was defend themselves or join in I don’t know.”

According to the member of staff, most of the men disappeared before police arrived at the scene. A J D Wetherspoon spokesperson said they have been banned from the Wetherspoon pub in the Broadway, and CCTV has been passed on to police.

They also confirmed the pub will be stepping up security for the rest of the tournament in the wake of the fight. It is set to finish on New Year’s Day.

Muswell Hill was where J D Wetherspoon tycoon Tim Martin opened his first pub. Decades later, The Mossy Well opened in its place in 2015 after a £3million investment.

Andy, who lives in Muswell Hill said: “I’m a seasoned drinker, and it’s the first time I’ve felt unsafe in a pub. I’ll think twice before going back.”

Despite the punch-up there were no arrests and nobody was taken to hospital, according to the Met and London Ambulance Service.

A spokesperson for J D Wetherspoon said: “We can confirm there was an unsavoury incident at the Mossy Well pub. It is extremely well run and fortunately incidents like this are very rare.

“It appears some people had been at the darts at Alexandra Palace and were fighting amongst themselves in the pub and outside. We had a number of door staff at the pub, and one of them was badly injured.”