Second stabbing on road

A SECOND knife attack happened on Edgware Road this week – seven days after a stabbing outside a restaurant.

The 23-year-old manager of Abuzaaz restaurant had his face slashed in an unprovoked attack at around 10.30pm on Monday. This incident follows another assault the Monday before at Maroush restaurant, also on Edgware Road, in which a security guard was knifed trying to prevent a break-in.

The suspect who carried out the attack at Abuzaaz is described as an Asian or Arabic male in his late 20s to early 30s. An investigation has now been launched by the Met’s serious violence unit. A Westminster Police spokeswoman said the victim had been released from hospital. No arrests have been made.

Mostapha Ragab, a community leader for the Egyptian residents living around Edgware Road, said: “It’s the second incident so there will be concern from the community about the nature of crime in that area. We would like to see the police get to the bottom of the two crimes for community assurance.”