Schizophrenic pushed complete stranger under train at Kentish Town tube station, court told

The aftermath of the attack Picture: Twitter/ @ThatConnArtist)

The aftermath of the attack Picture: Twitter/ @ThatConnArtist) - Credit: Archant

A paranoid schizophrenic who pushed a complete stranger in front of a Tube has been sent to a secure psychiatric unit indefinitely.

Devindra Ferguson, 29, shoved software developer Kamlesh Ramji, 40, onto the tracks at Kentish Town station.

Mr Ramji was hit by a train in front of horrified commuters at 11.40am on December 2 last year.

Amazingly he survived, but suffered a fractured skull, which caused bruising, bleeding and air on the brain, punctured lungs, multiple rib fractures, a fractured scapula, broken arms and legs and fractured his pelvis in three places.

Blackfriars Crown Court heard Ferguson stopped complying with treatment in the weeks before the incident.

Ferguson will stay at Chase Farm Medium Secure Hospital for an indefinite amount of time until two experts and a judge deem him fit for release.

Jurors were shown CCTV footage of Ferguson shoving Mr Ramji with two hands.

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Julian Jones, prosecuting, said: “The push was so ferocious Mr Ramji ended up halfway across the tracks before being stuck by the train.”

After handing himself in at Lewisham Police Station later that night, Ferguson told officers: “All you need to know is that it was my intention.”

In a victim impact statement, Mr Ramji said: “It has had a severely devastating physical and emotional effect on me.

“I am finding it hard to come to terms with or understand why a complete stranger would push me on to the tracks.’

“I have had traumatic, life changing injuries to my body.’

“The incident had destroyed my independence and career I have been working on for 15 years.’

“I do not go out anymore and stay at home where I feel safe.”

Ferguson did not accept having a mental illness and said he did not need treatment.