Saudi Prince found guilty of Marylebone hotel murder

A SAUDI Prince is facing a life sentence after being found guilty of the murder of his servant at a Marylebone hotel.

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 34, beat, strangled and bit his servant Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, inside an executive suite at the five-star Landmark Hotel, on Marylebone Road, on February 15.

The victim suffered brain injuries from punches and kicks and the bones in his neck were fractured.

Al Saud was found guilty of murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent after the Old Bailey jury of seven women and five men considered the case for just 95 minutes.

He now faces a life sentence when Mr Justice Bean passes sentence tomorrow.

The Prince, whose father is a nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia and whose mother is the King’s daughter, was found to have murdered his submissive “slave” after months of sexual abuse went too far.

Mr Abdulaziz had been worn down by continuous violence and was left “incapable of any effective resistance”.

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Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw described how the victim was “so worn down by the violence” that he was “killed without apparently ever having fought back”.

Al Saud refused to give evidence during the case, but maintained through his counsel John Kelsey-Fry QC that he was heterosexual.

He could face the death penalty in his homeland when he is released, because homosexuality remains illegal.