Samurai swordman sectioned

A SWORD-WIELDING mental patient who assaulted five police officers when they stopped him in a busy Hampstead street has been sectioned indefinitely.

Gary Williams, 38, of Athlone Street, left members of the public terrified when he boldly walked along Finchley Road with a samurai sword in one hand on March 5 this year.

He was accosted by lone Police Constable John Dunwell who bravely ordered Williams to stop and put down his weapon before restraining him until his colleagues arrived and put cuffs on the struggling man, who was described as “incredibly strong”.

Williams was due to be tried at Blackfriars Crown Court this week after two doctors ruled him fit to plead, but on Monday morning he changed his plea to guilty on the charge of possessing an offensive weapon.

The other charges, which are for carrying a kitchen knife, five counts of assaulting police officers by beating and one count of obstructing a constable in the course of his duty, have been ordered to lie on file.

PC Dunwell was honoured at a Camden police ceremony this autumn for his bravery in taking on Williams.

He earlier said: “Having risk-assessed the situation, I felt it was necessary to confront the man before he hurt himself, or someone else.

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“He proved to be very strong and I’m just thankful to my colleagues for coming to my assistance so quickly.”

Williams is due to be sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court on January 17 providing an appropriate doctor can be present in court.