Renewed calls for neighbourhood watch in Dartmouth Park after burglaries

A brazen gang of burglars smashed their way into a Dartmouth Park home in full sight of neighbours in the latest in a spate of break-ins in the area.

Thieves broke into a house in Woodsome Road at about 9pm last Wednesday and stole jewellery, cash, a camera and car keys.

A 77-year-old car owner did not realise the keys had gone until the next day when the vehicle was stolen.

Neighbour Mariachiara Corazza said: “The burglary happened in full view of other neighbours who called the police at the time. The youths knew they were being watched but apparently this did not deter them in the least.”

Just days later homeowners in Dartmouth Park Avenue disturbed a burglar who had picked the front-door lock in the middle of the day.

Residents say the burglaries are the latest in an “already long list” since September and they have renewed their determination to set up a Neighbourhood Watch.

Highgate police have had nine burglaries reported in Dartmouth Park in the last eight weeks.

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Over three weeks in October a catalogue of incidents included thieves climbing up drainpipes to break into homes, windscreens being smashed and yobs running over the top of cars. In September a builder’s Ford Transit van was stolen along with �5,000 of tools.

“It is clear that our area is being targeted by gangs,” said Ms Corazza. “I urge everyone to be more vigilant, especially around Christmas, and report all incidents, no matter how small, and suspicious behaviour to police.” A meeting to discuss setting up a Neighbourhood Watch is due to be held.