Rapist sentenced to 12 years for trying to kidnap six Crouch End Schoolgirls

Abdi Waise, 28, was found guilty of five counts of attempted kidnap and one kidnap

Abdi Waise, 28, was found guilty of five counts of attempted kidnap and one kidnap - Credit: Archant

A convicted rapist and illegal immigrant who attempted to kidnap six schoolgirls in Crouch End has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after a judge described him as “every parent’s worst nightmare.”

Somali national Abdi Waise, 28, who previously served six years for a violent rape, posed as a police officer last January in an attempt to lure young girls away with him.

Wood Green Crown Court heard that Waise, of Kenneth Robbins House in Haringey, went on an “increasingly desperate and erratic” mission on January 18, accusing children of having drugs on them and saying they to come and be “searched” by him.

Waise targeted one pair of schoolgirls and four who were alone, all aged 11-14 and on their way to schools in the Crouch End area.

In each case, he pretended to be a policeman and used various ruses to try and get the girls to come with him - but they all saw through his pretence and were able to run away to safety.

Waise also targeted a group of schoolboys near the clock tower in Crouch End, offering them money to use isopropyl nitrate - commonly known as “poppers” - on a girl.

He told them it would “make a girl faint” so they could do “whatever they wanted” with her - but the boys rebuffed his suggestion and reported the incident.

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He was arrested the next day as he fitted the description of the attacker, was in the area of the offences and was in possession of two bottles of poppers, as described by the witnesses.

This morning, Judge Witold Pawlock sentenced Waise to 12 years in prison plus a five year extension on licence for one count of kidnap, four counts of attempted kidnap and offering to supply class B drugs.

Judge Pawlock said that Waise “had sex on his mind” as he prowled the streets, “literally hunting for a child”.

In 2008, Waise attacked a young woman in Edmonton, throttling her until she was unconscious then raping her.

He was sentenced to eight years but was released on licence in 20014 - then returned to prison after breaching his bail terms. He was released again just weeks before making his kidnap attempts.

Waise was an illegal immigrant with no right to remain in the UK - but was not sent back to Somalia upon release from prison for rape because the Home Office stayed all deportations to the war-torn country.

Passing sentence, Judge Pawlak imposed a deportation order on Waise as well as a sexual harm prevention order - but he must serve his time in the UK before being sent back.

Investigating officer DCI Paul Trevers, from Haringey CID, said: “Waise went out with the plan of abducting a girl. He made concerted and increasingly desperate attempts over the course of about two and half hours.

“When deception didn’t work, he became increasingly forceful.

“I want to praise the incredibly brave children involved in this matter - both victims and witnesses. They have gone through a very frightening ordeal and shown immense courage, not only at the time of the offences but also when forced to relive their experiences during the trial process.”