Hundreds gather on Primrose Hill to mourn Nicole Hurley

nicole hurley candles memorial

A candlelight vigil in memory of Nicole Hurley has taken place on Primrose Hill - Credit: Lorie Hoeving

An "emotional" Primrose Hill candlelight vigil has been held in memory of Nicole Hurley.

The mother-of-four was stabbed to death in Broxwood Way on October 10. Jason Bell, 40, has been charged with her murder.

The vigil held last night (October 20) saw up to 300 mourners gather at the Kingsland Estate, where Nicole lived.

Neighbour Lorie Hoeving, whose children go to school with Nicole's kids, called the event "very sad and sombre".

She told the Ham&High: "It was a very emotional evening that's hard to put into words. It's scary that this death happened right beside us.

"How can this happen in my neighbourhood? I see this family every day. They are sweet, well-cared for kids, and I would have never guessed anything was happening at home.

crowd in Primrose Hill

Hundreds of people attended the vigil to pay their respects to Nicole Hurley - Credit: Lorie Hoeving

"I would have loved to reach out and help if I had known. There's so much of this going on, and I worry how I'm meant to keep my own daughters safe."

Standing on the steps outside his 37-year-old daughter's home, Nicole's father Tom spoke surrounded by flowers which had been left.

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The family led a minute of silence in Nicole's memory, and said they were "overwhelmed" with the turnout at the vigil.

The crowd then walked together to the top of Primrose Hill, where the family's priest, Father Terry Murray, spoke and led prayers.

People placed candles around a photo of Nicole on a park bench, and her children spoke about their "wonderful" mother.

Previously, members of the community laid tributes of candles and flowers outside Nicole's home, and a fundraiser to raise money for the funeral and other associated costs has already raised over £40,000.

crowds Primrose Hill

Crowds gathered at the top of Primrose Hill to pay tribute to the mother-of-four. - Credit: Lorie Hoeving

Extra money will be used to support Nicole's children, who have been described as "bright, ambitious, curious and generous".

Neighbour Brigitte Clements, who set up the fundraiser, said: "We feel great sadness and shock. Nicole was a lovely person – super friendly, really nice.

"The kids are always out running around. They are an absolute joy. They help build our planters, they go above and beyond to help. They are still at school and keep their heads down.

"They are great and that's a testament to Nicole as a mother. She was 100% devoted to them."

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crowd in Primrose Hill

Nicole Hurley's family spoke to the large crowd outside her home - Credit: Lorie Hoeving

Nicole Hurley vigil

The police attended the vigil to guide mourners through Primrose Hill - Credit: Lorie Hoeving

crowd in Primrose Hill

Mourners walked through Primrose Hill holding candles - Credit: Lorie Hoeving