Primrose Hill gates could close again due to antisocial behaviour

The view from Primrose Hill

The view from Primrose Hill - Credit: André Langlois

Following reports of antisocial behaviour at Primrose Hill, the gates could be closed once again on weekend evenings.

In  April 2020, as lockdown regulations were imposed at the start of the pandemic, fencing was used to close the park at 10pm on weekends.

Restrictions were lifted in December but The Royal Parks says they could be reintroduced.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the antisocial behaviour and noise disturbances recently reported on Primrose Hill.  

"This is totally unacceptable and we understand the high level of concern and anxiety this has caused amongst the local community.  

"We are monitoring events closely and are working with the police to assess the situation over the next few days and weeks.  

"We want Primrose Hill to remain a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to use, and if the issue escalates and we start to see persistent antisocial behaviour once again, we will consider temporarily closing the park on weekend evenings as we did last year.

This would include installing temporary fencing at the park gates, which would require police support.

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“The situation is challenging and complex with no easy solution, but we are keeping a close eye on it and will shortly be meeting representatives of the local community to discuss the best way forward.”