Police warning after burglary spike in Highgate

Police were called at 11:48am after a lorry shed its load on the A12

Police were called at 11:48am after a lorry shed its load on the A12 - Credit: Archant

Police have urged residents to make homes more secure after a spate of burglaries in Highgate and Dartmouth Park.

The past week has seen a spike in thieves plundering homes in the Camden half of Highgate, with 11 burglaries in the first two weeks of this month. In August, there were 15 burglaries across the whole month. Thieves are targeting homes near Laurier Road, Chetwynd Road and Westhill Park. No-one has been hurt so far.

The Highgate Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) say burglars are getting into homes in three ways: by taking keys through the letterbox by using a tool to fish them through, climbing over garden gates to access the property by the back door, and smashing front doors down.

They advise residents to keep keys far away from the front door, to secure and lock garden gates, and to consider putting in a “London bar” on front doors – which prevents doors giving way to force.

Pc John Hounsell said: “It’s a noticeable rise. Highgate has relatively low crime figures compared to the rest of London but there have been a concerning amount of burglaries.”

Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum committee member Mariachiara Corazza said: “It is worrying because what else can we do? We can put locks on windows and people have burglar alarms. But it’s also true that if they want to get in, they will get in if they are really determined.”