Police operation to crack down on crime at Campsbourne Estate

The family have asked to be urgently moved from their home of 10 years on the Campsbourne Estate. Pi

Campsbourne Estate in Hornsey. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Archant

A six-week policing scheme targeted crime at Hornsey's Campsbourne Estate and Newland Road.

Hornsey Safer Neighbourhoods Team has spent the last six months prioritising tackling antisocial behaviour and crime in both areas. 

One intervention was a six-week scheme of targeted action. Volunteers joined police officers in conducting high-visibility patrols, weapon and drug sweeps, and crime and prevention letter drops.

The teams worked with residents within these estates, who helped them to identify vehicles that they believed to be involved in antisocial and criminal behaviour. Warning letters were sent to owners, informing them of the actions police would take should they be found to be involved in this behaviour. 

Officers worked with the council to install a Rapid Deployment Camera (CCTV camera) within this estate.

PC Charlie Main said: "Since all of these changes, we have seen a large decrease in the number of service calls to police reporting ASB, and we hope with continued efforts that these levels will remain low."

In January 2022, the latest available crime data for the area, there were nine reported crimes near Campsbourne Estate. Six of them were violence and sexual offences and two were burglaries.