Police to conduct review into notorious ‘silver bullets murder’

Millionaire fashion designer Aristos Constantinou , who was killed when he returned to his luxury Ha

Millionaire fashion designer Aristos Constantinou , who was killed when he returned to his luxury Hampstead home after a party with his wife Elena, 26 (pictured with him). - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Fresh probe comes 32 years after fashion tycoon Aristos Constantinou was gunned down in his Bishops Avenue mansion.

New information has led the Metropolitan Police to conduct a review into the notorious murder of the clothing tycoon, who was killed with six silver-coloured bullets.

Police were called to Mr Constantinou’s seven-bedroom house on New Years Day 1985 to find the 40-year-old mogul’s bullet-ridden body lying in a pool of blood.

He had been shot at close range, including once in each temple, shortly after returning home from a New Year’s Eve party with his wife Elena, who had been 14 years his junior.

Despite a number of subsequent investigations, the killer has never been identified.

At first glance, the brutal slaying appeared to be a tragic case of burglary gone wrong – smashed glass in the back door and up to £50,000 allegedly missing from a safe bore the seemingly obvious hallmarks of a disturbed intruder.

However, no new fingerprints were found at the scene while the bullets which killed the rags-to-riches father-of-three were fired from an Italian-made Fiocchi gun which had not been produced since 1961.

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A second police investigation in the 1990s reportedly opened up a number of disputes between family members.

Now, the Met has revealed that new information has sparked a fresh review into what has become one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved killings.

A police spokesperson said: “The Metropolitan Police Service remains committed to solving the murder of Aristos Constantinou who was brutally murdered in East Finchley on New Year’s Day in 1985.

“As with any undetected murder, we will act on any new information we are given and carry out regular reviews of the case.

“A review of this case is currently ongoing.

“With this passage of time that has passed and advances in scientific evidential techniques we remain committed to securing justice for the family of Aristos Constantinou and bringing those involved to account.”

Aristos co-founded the fashion brand Ariella back in 1966.

Following his death, the brand vanished from the high street for 30 years before his brother, Achilleas, relaunched it in 2015, with a store at Brent Cross Shopping Centre among others across the UK.

Anyone with information that could assist this investigation is asked to contact police on 0207 230 4294 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.