Police saved elderly man’s life are breaking into his Dartmouth Park home

PC Victoria Burns. Picture: Polly Hancock

PC Victoria Burns. Picture: Polly Hancock - Credit: Polly Hancock

Two determined police officers who broke into the home of an elderly man have been praised for “undoubtedly” saving his life after they helped to keep him breathing.

The 84-year-old was desperately gasping for air when Pcs Victoria Burns and Sol Akbary came to the rescue by forcing their way into the flat in Boscastle Road, Dartmouth Park, in January.

The duo called an ambulance and took action to help the man, putting him into a better position and monitoring his breathing, before paramedics arrived.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors said he “almost certainly” would have died if left any longer.

Det Ch Insp Raffaele D’Orsi told a commendation ceremony that the pair could easily have left the man’s home when he didn’t answer the door, assuming that he was out. Instead they broke through two awkward doors to get to him.

Det Ch Insp D’Orsi said: “They could have turned around when there was no response.

“Actually what they did was investigate what they had. They managed the victim to such a position that when the ambulance arrived, he was in a stable condition.

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“That is to some people everyday policing and what we get paid to do.

“But if they had not made that decision, that gentleman would not be here today to say thank you.”

The pair were commended for their quick response and problem solving that “undoubtedly” saved the man’s life by Borough Commander Ben-Julian Harrington.

Pc Burns said: “It’s nice to be recognised. We both got a letter from his brother thanking us a couple of weeks later.”