Police dismissed for excessive force in East Finchley car chase

Two police officers have been dismissed and two others given final warnings after being found guilty of using excessive force.

In the early hours of July 17, 2009, a car failed to stop for police, who then pursued it into the Grange Estate in East Finchley.

An investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found two of the car’s occupants were forcibly removed from the vehicle by the officers despite them being compliant.

None of the occupants was arrested and all were detained without being told their rights or entitlements.

During the course of their detention three of the occupants sustained injuries of varying degrees, including a serious nose injury.

An IPCC misconduct hearing found breaches by four officers amounted to gross misconduct and the actions of two, aged 40 and 37, were so serious they were dismissed.

The other two officers received final written warnings.

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IPCC commissioner for London, Deborah Glass, said: “It was the conduct of the police officers which escalated the incident and which led to the officers deliberately and unnecessarily using disproportionate force.

“The outcome of the hearing should give the public confidence that in those cases, where the actions of police do cross the line, they are held to account.”