PC Bent admits stealing cash from dead man’s flat

A Westminster police officer stole cash from a dead man, telling a shocked colleague: “No disrespect, but he’s dead.”

PC Richard Bent, cousin of Premier League star Darren, admitted swiping �250 in bank notes from the home of Rustam Cihhudy during the investigation into his sudden death.

Bent was sent to collect medical notes from the address in Page Street, Pimlico when he pocketed the money.

When quizzed he said: “No disrespect, but he’s dead. He wasn’t going anywhere soon.”

He was caught after undercover officers handed him a ‘lost’ bag containing �93, which he promptly stole.

Bent, who was based at Belgravia Police Station at the time of the thefts, was arrested on July 13 in central London after leaving his shift early to bank the loot.

“He is a serving police officer and the two thefts were committed while on duty,” prosecutor Emma Scheer told Westminster Magistrates Court on September 19.

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“This is abuse of trust in relation to the fact he is a police officer, which is quite significant.

“The �250 stolen was in old money and needed to be exchanged for new money’, said Ms Scheer.

“The first charge is a theft from a deceased person, Mr Cihhudy, while on duty providing cordon services.

“PC Bent was positioned on the cordon guarding the property and obtained the keys to the property.”

The death of Mr Cihhudy was originally treated as suspicious, but later deemed not to be a police matter.

Bent confessed to the two thefts but denies also taking a bank statement, three cheque books, and a passport from Mr Cihhudy.

The officer, from Wandsworth, southwest London, was suspended from the force in August when the accusations came to light.

Bent left court with his barrister Elizabeth Fox with his head buried in the collar of his thick coat.

Sentencing will take place on Friday (September 28), when a decision will also be taken on how to deal with the other charges.