Paedophile placed behind bars

A PAEDOPHILE living in Kentish Town was locked up this week after police found indecent images on his home computer.

David Price, 67, of Leverton Street, was sentenced on Monday at Blackfriars Crown Court, having pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

He was sentenced to three months for possessing 1,500 level 1 images and eight months for possessing a level 4 video - both sentences are to run concurrently.

He was fined �10,000 and ordered to pay costs of �1,800 while his computer equipment will be destroyed and he will remain on the sex offender’s register for a further ten years.

Det Sgt Nick Giles, of Camden’s Jigsaw Unit, said: “I am really pleased with this outcome as it shows that these offenders will be brought to justice, despite the lengths they take to hide their activity.

“By working in partnership with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, we are able to enhance the supervision of these dangerous offenders.”

Det Sgt Giles’ team has successfully obtained a Sexual Offences Prevention Order that prohibits Price from owning a computer in the future unless it has monitoring software installed. This software is watched by ex-police officers employed by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and will detect any illegal computer usage.

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Price was already a registered sex offender managed by the Camden police Jigsaw Unit. It was during a routine home visit by the team that officers examined his computer and found search terms commonly used by paedophiles.

His computer equipment was seized and subsequent forensic examination detected the illegal material. A retired computer expert, Price had installed “washing” software, which he wrongly believed would remove all traces of child pornography from his computer.