Owner fined for Hampstead Heath dog attack of cyclist

A Doberman dog. Picture: PA Wire

A Doberman dog. Picture: PA Wire - Credit: PA WIRE

The owner of a Doberman show dog who attacked a cyclist as he raced past on Hampstead Heath has been fined more than £500.

The normally “impeccably-behaved” dog, called Tallulah, scratched the man while off the lead near the Vale of Health toilets on April 16.

His owner, accountant Ramona Jerinic, said in a statement that the seven-year-old pet may have been spooked by her screaming when the cyclist “almost mowed them down”, magistrates heard on Thursday.

The scratch did not cause the victim to bleed.

She was walking Tallulah and her other Doberman, Bugsy, when the attack happened, which she has done twice everyday for many years.

The court heard that Ms Jerinic failed to restrain the dog afterwards and the Doberman was allowed to run towards the man again in an aggressive way.

She immediately apologised to the victim and offered to exchange details.

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Magistrates were told the attack was out of character for Tallulah, who has performed at dog shows for most of her life.

Ms Jerinic, of Rosecroft Avenue, Hampstead, was ordered to pay compensation of £50 to the victim and £525 in court costs for allowing her dog to be out of control and not effectively restraining her from injuring a person.

She did not attend the hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on Thursday but was convicted in her absence.