Nurse sacked from Whittington Hospital over intimate care allowed to continue to work

The Whittington Hospital will see significant cuts imposed over the next year

The Whittington Hospital will see significant cuts imposed over the next year - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A nurse sacked from the Whittington Hospital due to the intimate care he gave to a female A&E patient has been allowed to continue working in the medical profession.

Abderrahmane Bedrane will face a Conditions of Practice Order for a period of six months – meaning he can continue to work as a nurse as long as he demonstrates he can practice safely.

It follows a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing into the care he gave to a woman back in March 2011, after she arrived at the Whittington’s A&E complaining of feeling dizzy and unwell.

The hearing, which concluded on Friday, saw Mr Bedrane admit to going against trust policy by providing the female patient, in a cubicle at the time, with intimate care without a chaperone present.

He also admitted to failing to respond appropriately to concerns from the patient that the care provided had been “inappropriate”.

The NMC hearing comes almost two years after Mr Bedrane was acquitted at Blackfriars Crown Court in June 2013 of an alleged sexual offence against the patient.

He was dismissed from the Whittington in July 2012 for gross misconduct. The investigation carried out by the trust in charge of the hospital in Archway concluded that although the allegation made by the patient could not be proven, Mr Bedrane did not follow trust policy and did not act in the best interests of his patient.

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The panel concluded that Mr Bedrane’s misconduct was “an isolated incident in an otherwise unblemished career of over 20 years”.

But it added: “The failings were in breach of basic nursing practice and potentially placed [the patient] at unwarranted risk of harm.”

He is currently working as an agency nurse at a care home.