Muswell Hill robbers jailed after run-in with kickboxing champ

A GANG of robbers who stole �25,000 from security guards near a Muswell Hill bank have been jailed.

The group of four men were jailed for five robberies, one of which took place outside the NatWest Bank on Muswell Hill Broadway on August 5 last year. They also carried out robberies in Islington, Essex and Hertfordshire.

All of the men pleaded guilty at earlier hearings. Paul Bryant, 26 of Holloway Road, Islington and Anthony Powell, 29, of Outram Place, Islington were both sentenced to an Indeterminate Public Protection Order (IPP), to serve a minimum of four and a half years.

Alifie Atherton of Saxon Road, Tower Hamlets was jailed for four years, as was Paul Vincent Mursell, 42, of no fixed address.

The group was caught after attempting a robbery in Hemel Hempstead while under observation from Finchley Flying Squad. Key to their arrest was the intervention of a security guard who, unknown to them, was a former British kickboxing champion.