Mohammed Abdullahi: Mother warns of danger from convicted Muswell Hill sex offender on the loose

General view of Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, London.

General view of Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, London. - Credit: PA ARCHIVE IMAGES

A mother has warned of the risk to women in Muswell Hill, after a warrant was issued for a sex attacker who was found guilty of sexually assaulting her daughter.

Mohammed Abdullahi, 39, of Everington Road was found guilty at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court last week of sexually assaulting a teenager. He didn't turn up for his court hearing last week, and a warrant was issued by the court for his arrest.

He had followed and groped a 16-year-old as she walked home through Muswell Hill on March 25 earlier this year.

During the pursuit, Abdullahi pestered the girl to go back to his house, so he could "treat her like a princess." He then tried to grope her as she continued to walk home. Once she arrived, he asked her to come in, which he refused.

She was only able to make him go away when she told him "my mum's inside."

Once she got in, closed and locked the door behind her, she phoned her mum asking her to come home immediately.

Speaking to the Ham&High, her Mum said: "I want to make sure that in my neighbourhood people know about this man and what happened.

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"My daughter is still devastated about it. The neighbourhood and other women needs to know that he is on the loose."

A Met Police spokesperson confirmed a warrant was out for his arrest after being convicted in his absence of sexual assault on May 29. Officers are currently trying to find and arrest him. The Metropolitan Police also said it wasn't able to release a mugshot, or description of Abdullahi.