Moped thugs in Hampstead smash window of parked car as mum sits on phone inside.

Noralyn Pitts. Picture: ARCHANT

Noralyn Pitts. Picture: ARCHANT - Credit: Archant

A mum has told of her terror as she was sitting in her parked car when two men on a moped pulled up and smashed her passenger window.

Moped thugs were driving up and down Maresfield Gardens before pulling alongside Ms Pitts' car and s

Moped thugs were driving up and down Maresfield Gardens before pulling alongside Ms Pitts' car and smashing her window as she sat inside. - Credit: Archant

Noralyn Pitts described how one of the men reached in to grab her handbag from the seat and shouted at her to hand over her belongings.

But terrified Ms Pitt, who was covered in glass, jumped out of the car and ran screaming for help from a nearby street cleaner.

Ms Pitts described how she was sitting in a pay and display bay in Maresfield Gardens at around 9.30am on Tuesday when she was attacked.

She said: “As I was dialling to pay for my parking, two guys on a moped stopped right next to my car. One guy jumped off and smashed the front passenger window. He was trying to find a bag on the seat but realised there was nothing to grab.

“So he started yelling at me to hand over my bag, but at this point I got out of the car and ran screaming for help.

“Luckily there was a man from Veola cleaning the street.”

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The man called police and for an ambulance and neighbours who had heard her screams also came out to help.

Ms Pitts, who was in shock after the ordeal, said: “I am now more angry than traumatised.

“These thugs are getting more brazen and violent and it is scary. You think you are safe inside your car, unfortunately not anymore.

“Luckily I had parked my car with the driver seat on the kerb side otherwise it would have been a different story. I’m ok now, and it helps the more I talk about it to get it out of my system.”

She said police were establishing if there was CCTV in the area.

The street cleaner who witnessed the attack told her he saw the moped drive up and down Maresfield Gardens.

Ms Pitts added: “My kids are at school not far from where it happened. To think these thugs are circling around our children’s school during the day.I’m angry that there is no longer a police presence in the area. Hampstead is a prime target for these crimes. These thugs are getting more and more brave as they know they can get away with it from the lack of policing.

“It’s frustrating and sad to learn that it is now up to us - the public - to defend ourselves and come up with ways to deter these villains. I’m pretty street smart but even I don’t know what else to suggest in deterring them.”

She warned others to be on alert in quiet streets.

“If anyone sees a moped especially with two people on, report it immediately (dial 101). They may look innocent but you just never know and it is better to be safe than sorry. As a community we need to think of something to deter these villains,” she said.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called to reports of criminal damage to a vehicle on Maresfield Gardens, The victim,a female in her 40’s, told officers that a moped drove up to the vehicle, smashed a window and shouted to give them her bag. The moped drove off without any belongings. There have been no arrests and inquiries continue,” he said.