Mayor of Haringey racially abused after Christmas event

Cllr Adam Jogee says he will "not let the haters win"

Cllr Adam Jogee says he will "not let the haters win" - Credit: David Winskill

The mayor of Haringey was racially abused on Friday following a switch-on of the Christmas lights in Hornsey.  

Cllr Adam Jogee says he was left “stunned” and “very angry” after a woman reportedly called him a “f***ing Black tw*t” and barged him in the back at around 6.30pm on December 3. 

The incident allegedly happened as the aggressor left the Three Compasses pub as part of a public gathering in which ward councillors spoke with local residents. 

Cllr Jogee told the Ham&High the attack reflects the racism and bigotry that still exists today – but that he will “not let the haters win”.  

Part of the abuse was reportedly directed because the Muslim mayor was wearing a mask. Police said they are treating the incident as a hate crime. 

“It can happen to anyone no matter where you are, who you are or what you do,” Cllr Jogee said. 

“It speaks to the challenges that Black and minority ethnic people continue to face in 2021 and we all have a responsibility to show community, decency and respect.

Cllr Adam Jogee (second from left) at a previous Christmas event in Muswell

Cllr Adam Jogee (second from left) at a previous Christmas event in Muswell - Credit: Polly Hancock

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“There's a volatility in some parts of public life but there has to be a stage when enough is enough and you start calling this s**t out.  

“I’m conscious of my public safety. Vote against us if you really want to, but basic courtesy and respect needs to be the order of the day... and at times it's not.”  

Cllr Jogee, who praised the response of the Three Compasses, told racist people to “take your bigotry and get out of our community”.  

On Covid-19 he added: “If you haven’t had your vaccine go and get it. And if you've had your vaccine go and get your booster jab, and please wear a mask.” 

Haringey Council leader Peray Ahmet said she was “shocked and appalled” by the racist attack on her colleague and friend. 

“Racism and violence of any kind has no place in our borough,” Cllr Ahmet said. “Nobody deserves this kind of treatment, and it will simply not be tolerated. I hope those involved will be held fully accountable.” 

She added: “We have come a long way but sadly attacks such as this show we are not there yet."

After the incident police said they were “investigating this matter of racially aggravated assault as a priority”.

As this newspaper went to press, five days after the attack, there was no further update on the case.