Marylebone man faces drug charge after police raid nuisance flat

A man was arrested after police raided a flat in Marylebone following a tip-off about suspected drug dealing and prostitution.

Officers from the Bryanston and Dorset Square Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) stormed the flat on Molyneux Street last Thursday after reports of antisocial behaviour.

Residents had reported drug dealing from the first-floor flat, while women believed to be under the influence of drugs had also been seen leaving the premises, prompting police to believe that the flat may have been used as a base to co-ordinate prostitution.

While police found no evidence of prostitution when they raided the one-bedroom flat, they found two men and a small amount of cocaine, crack and cannabis.

One of the men was arrested and has since been charged with offences related to possession of the drugs.

Bryanston and Dorset Square SNT Sgt Chris Wilson said police will now carry out consultations to have the premises closed, due to its association with antisocial behaviour and drugs.

“It’s a local problem that has been brought to our attention by local people and the local police team has responded,” he said.

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“We are very keen for people to feel safe in their community.

“The effect of an address like this on the local population often outweighs the actual criminality going on there.”